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We Pour

Welcome To The
BlaQ Sheep Effect

Either You Are One
Or You Know One


Join us for a cup of fine coffee in a new concept neighbourhood BlaQ Sheep Fine Coffee & Grazing House. Based on a proven model, this new niche in the food service spectrum addresses the need for human connection and community on a personal level. We are currently working to build our future locations, focused outside of the urban core with neighbourhood oriented environments and a commitment to build and foster a sense of community. This creative new business model addresses one of humanities greatest needs with a sense of place.


Our Fuel

In our quest for a perfect blend we only import the highest quality hand selected green beans from established and renowned coffee growers around the world.
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Our products are ordered and prepared on site daily with innovation and creativity to ensure quality, safety and freshness to like-minded, quality-focused clients.
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Want to get in touch? Come and visit us in Dunbar, give us a call, or send us a message. We would love to hear from you!
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BlaQ Sheep Fine Coffee is committed to providing memorable customer service that will enrich the daily lives of each coffee lover and deliver the highest quality product. We provide a safe, respectful and uplifting work place, contribute positively to our communities and environment and learn from the people that shape the trends and ideas of the coffee industry.We embrace diversity and focus on building and maintaining our reputation as an essential component to our future success.

Our Fuel

In our quest for a perfect blend we only import the highest quality hand selected shade grown green beans from established and renowned coffee growers around the world. We roast in small batches and offer a boutique variety of unique blends for sophisticated coffee lovers. This has been the heart of our business over the years.


Dolly’s Blend:

Rise and Shine to the unique crisp refreshing aroma of this Central American blend. It will make you feel like waking up on a beach.

Fence Sitter’s Blend:

This darker than your average medium blend is a combination of Mexican and Costa Rican beans carefully roasted to bring out its rich and creamy flavours. This blend’s name really describes what you should be doing for the rest of the day.

Grazer’s Blend:

This elegant blend of the best Brazilian and Costa Rican hand selected beans creates a fruity taste that’s light on the tongue with a floral hint. You could graze on this blend all day long.


This renowned popular house blend expresses our love for coffee. It is the base of all specialty coffee drinks. The sweet aroma of this secret blend balances the full bodied creaminess with a familiar caramel finish.

Dark French:

A classic French Roast, characterized by its dark, full bodied infusion of the rich, smoky flavors and chocolaty aroma that brings a café from the streets of Paris to your living room.

Ralph’s Blend:

This playful blend of Sumatra, Ethiopian and Costa Rican coffee brings a surprising sweet, smooth undertone that will put a sheepish smile to your day.

Blaq Sheep Blend:

Our signature Dark blend screams the art of roasting. The smooth richness of Sumatra’s organic beans dances with the highlands of South American Arabica to give you a hint of cocoa and a light fruity finish. Enjoy this cup of coffee in a local Art Gallery and you will taste every stroke of the brushes.

Naughty Blend:

This naughty creation from our Master Roaster combines the dark smokiness of a French Roast with the subtle Earthy aroma of Ethiopian. It’s naughty but nice.

Peruvian Organic:

Journey to the highlands of Peru with every sip of this shade grown organic single origin. The Earthy tone with a subtle sweetness clears your palate like a breath of fresh mountain air.

Y Bother:

This Swiss water process decaffeinated coffee is equivalent to a perfect espresso experience, you won’t believe it’s decaf. Dark yet balanced with a sweet and slightly smokey undertone, you’ll see why we bother.


Our blend of dark Swiss water decaf that pairs well with all your late evening desserts. This full bodied roast in the dark French style highlights a smokey, nutty finish. “Sweet dreams, see you in the morning!”


Our products are ordered and prepared on site daily with innovation and creativity to ensure quality, safety and freshness to like-minded, quality-focused clients.
Free Range Eggs run here

Eggs Benedict

Pe@ce: 2 Eggs, Belgi@n W@ffles, Spin@ch, Tom@to, Bocconcini Cheese, Oven Ro@sted Pot@to. $12

Love: 2 Eggs, Belgi@n W@ffles, Smoked S@lmon, Oven Ro@sted Pot@to. $14

H@ppiness: 2 Eggs, Belgi@n W@ffles, H@nd Peeled B@by Shrimp, Oven Ro@sted Pot@to. $14

Re@dy: 2 Eggs, Belgi@n W@ffles, Oven Ro@sted Pot@to @nd Regul@r or Turkey B@con. $13

Willing: 2 Eggs, Belgi@n W@ffles, Prosciutto, Oven Ro@sted Pot@to. $14

@ble: 2 Eggs, Belgi@n W@ffles, Oven Ro@sted Pot@to, @vocados and Diced Tom@toes. Your Choice of Pulled Turkey or Pulled Pork. $15

(Half Orders available)


Timeless: 2 Eggs @ny style served with Oven Ro@sted Pot@to, To@st, B@con @nd S@us@ges. $13

OMG: R@t@touille, Chedd@r & Mozz@rell@. $12
(Yes it’s an omelette!)

Upgrade Your OMG: H@nd Peeled B@by Shrimp, S@us@ge, Smoked S@lmon or Proscuitto. @dd $3
B@con or Turkey B@con. @dd $2

The Mix

Your Choice of: Buttermilk P@nc@kes, Belgi@n W@ffles or B@n@n@ Bre@d French To@st. $12

Make it Better With: Str@wberries, Blueberries, S@uteed B@n@n@s or Chocol@te S@uce.

Little Lamb’s Menu

Your Choice of Green Eggs & H@m served on W@ffles, Buttermilk P@nc@kes or Belgi@n W@ffles. $8


Daily Spoons:

Please ask our servers. $5.5


Skitsilano: Tomato, Artichoke Hearts, Bocconcini Cheese with Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette. $10

Dunbar: Jail-Free Chicken Breast grilled to perfection, Bell Peppers, Bacon, Tomato, Potato and Mozzarella Cheese served on a bed of Organic Spring Mix with Maple Orange Mustard Vinaigrette. $12

Kerrisdale: Roasted Red Pepper, Zucchini, Eggplant, Tomato, Artichoke Hearts, Black Olives and Goat Cheese served on a bed of Chemical Free Baby Spinach with Pesto Lemon Vinaigrette. $12

Artisan Sandwiches $12

Tango Chicken: Grilled Chicken Breast on a bed of Baby Spinach, Balsamic Vinaigrette Red Onions on Pumpkin Seed Bread.

Woo Tang: Slow Cooked Pulled Pork, Balsamic Vinaigrette Red Onions, Baby Spinach, and Cilantro on a French Baguette.

Butler’s Fault: Sizzling Sliced Rib Eye Beef Strips, Tomato, Balsamic Vinaigrette Red Onions and Spinach on a French Baguette.

Gardener’s Revenge: Roasted Red Peppers, Zucchini, Eggplant, Bocconcini, Sun Dried Tomato, Baby Spinach and Pesto on Herb Focaccia.

Gobbler: Slow Cooked Pulled Turkey Breast, Turkey Bacon, Cheddar, Baby Spinach and Balsamic Vinaigrette Red Onions on Cranberry Bread.

Tune A Tuna: Our Crazy tuna mix will blow you out of the water, served on Walnut Bread.

Cuban Crisis: Cuban Spiced Meat Sauce on Jasmine Rice. Hungry?

Also Available: Artisan Gelato from Dolce Amore Gelateria until 6 pm

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